Big Lost Meadery

Big Lost Meadery is a mead manufacturing business in Gillette, WY specializing in handcrafted meads and great experiences. What started as a stop in to try some of the finest mead around, turned into a client that has some of our coolest branding yet. Mead has its roots in Viking history, so the Norse influence can be seen throughout the brand identity. We took this concept and modernized it, while still paying homage to the history of the drink. Knots and axes can be seen throughout, paired with textures and colors that bring it to the 21st century. The logo itself was created in the same vein, as an old style script, with meticulously designed edges, angles and flourishes.

Bottle labels were also a huge part of this project. Custom illustrations went into the design, taking into consideration the names of each drink. Consistent branding is seen across identity, bottle labels and even the meadery itself.

Big Lost has an atmosphere of good friends, good times and good drinks. So raise your horns and shout it from the hills, Big Lost is the king of mead. Get your pillage on.