D & Y Exhibit

Project Overview
When medical staffing company D & Y decided that it wanted to lower its exhibit expenses while simultaneously raising its visibility and accessibility on the show floor, it challenged us to come up with a multi-functional solution that wouldn’t break the bank.


D & Y’s old exhibit was heavy, time-consuming to set up, and wasn’t conducive to engaging booth visitors in conversation.


Satisfying all of D & Y’s goals required developing a flexible, lightweight and eye-catching exhibit that was visually appealing and easily accessible from all sides.


The solution was a custom 20’ x 20’ exhibit that could also be set up as a 10’ x 20’ exhibit. Stretched fabric panels and aluminum structural members that doubled as design elements highlighted the open, inviting and (wait for it…) lightweight design. Custom-cut carpeting helped direct traffic to seated conversation areas where exhibit staffers could easily talk to visitors. Incorporating storage areas into corner conversation pods allowed us to keep the main floor space uncluttered.


The new exhibit was delivered on-time and on-budget. The lightweight showstopper weighs only half as much as the original exhibit, reducing D & Y’s drayage expenses by 50 percent. Plus, setup can now be completed in just half the time, which further reduces show costs. Most significantly, the new exhibit allows D & Y to stand out from its competitors on the show floor, enhances the company’s brand image and easily attracts the attention of show-goers. And even though we don’t measure our success by ad industry recognition, we’re happy to confess that the D & Y exhibit won an American Advertising Federation award for design excellence.