Do-Gooders Unite

Warren Federal Credit Union approached us with an idea for a campaign that inspires their members in Laramie, WY to do good in their communities. For every new account people opened, they received $100 cash and made a pledge to spread the good. Once Warren reached 200 accounts, they donated $10,000 to Downtown Laramie. One town, 200 new accounts, a $10,000 donation. Each new member received a Do-Gooder kit to get them started.

We were inspired by so much “good doing,” it excited us to jump in and make this campaign loads of fun. That’s how we landed on a super hero theme and Do-Gooders Unite was born. Visually using Warren’s brand and super epic heroic imagery, we created a world surrounding Warren that emphasizes the role they have in their communities while encouraging their members to join in on the good. With banners throughout Laramie, booths set up at local events and a website filtering the #DoGoodArmy, Do-Gooders started to gain momentum as a guerrilla-type movement. We helped create giveaways for everybody, from sunglasses to work gloves to super hero capes. That’s right. Capes!

Do-Gooders was such a success, that it is going to be a continuing campaign throughout the various regions Warren FCU reaches. We can’t wait to do it again! Doers of good unite!

“Do-Gooders Unite was special because we put full trust into our new members to do the right thing with their money. It had to be fun and meaningful, something that would empower members to do great things for their community.”
– Steve Salazar, Chief Marketing Officer, Warren Federal Credit Union

The reason I recommended Warren FCU to some of my coworkers is because of the Do-Gooder account. These coworkers are very involved with community services projects here in Laramie, so I feel they’d be great candidates for opening up a Do-Gooder account. Another friend was complaining about her bank being rude and impersonal and slapping on ATM fees. I told her if she wants the exact opposite of big, rude bank, she should consider Warren. ~ September 2014 NPS Member Comment ~