James Dashner Website

Project Overview
James Dashner, internationally acclaimed author of children’s and young adult fantasy and science fiction, faced a dilemma: with a only a self-maintained blog, his web presence was clearly not on par with that of other writers of his caliber. He asked Warehouse Twenty One to create a professional, dynamic and engaging web presence that better represents his stature as an award-winning author, and which would also serve as an information hub for his many fans worldwide.


With a growing — and extremely loyal — fan base, James Dashner couldn’t afford any missteps that might potentially alienate his devoted followers. While a new website and blog had to push creative boundaries in order to elevate the Dashner brand, it would have to do so without altering the author’s established persona.


The solution was to design a website that evoked the aura of fantasy, mystery and adventure that Mr. Dashner created in his books, while preserving the user-friendly experience his “Dashner Dude” blog viewers encountered. Using an illustration style that features soft-focus, moody lighting and organic design elements, we developed an arresting visual platform for presenting information about the author and his books, an events calendar featuring Mr. Dashner’s appearances, and prominent links to his blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Dashner Sketch

Initial Sketch For James Dashner Website is hand drawn.

Dashner Sketch

Sketch is scanned and colored on the computer.

Dashner Sketch
Dashner Sketch

Matte painting using real images mixed with illustration brings the scene to life.



We delivered a functional, informative, uncomplicated and visually lush website with appeal not only to Mr. Dashner’s target market of boys and girls age 8-16, but also to adult readers, booksellers, librarians and educators. Simple, centrally located navigation provides easy access to About, Books, Blog, and Events pages as well as James Dashner’s Twitter feed and Facebook page. Secondary navigation at the bottom of the page adds a link to a Contact page.

“When I look around at all the websites that my author friends have, I think… mine is better.” – James Dashner


Since going live in early May, 2012, the Warehouse Twenty One-designed jamesdashner.com has logged more than 20,000 visitors, has had more than 43,000 page views and entertained more readers than a cartload of dimestore novels.