Launching a statewide campaign for the the bigger, better Powerball was no small feat. We were tasked with capturing the attention of WyoLotto players and rebranding a familiar game as something new, fun, and exciting. Putting on our strategic, marketing, advertising, graphic design, public relations, promotions, and event hats (that’s a lot of hats), we constructed a multi-platform campaign built on the belief that a state as large as Wyoming is the perfect place for a game as big as the new Powerball. We promoted the game’s better odds, bigger Power Play multiplier, and billion dollar jackpots. Positioning the new Powerball as big on fun and excitement, our relaunch helped make the new game a big hit with WyoLotto fans. The Powerball campaign also continued our longstanding relationship with WyoLotto, which dates to our history-making launch of the organization in 2014. Our partnership has transformed a startup into a well-known and valuable part of Wyoming’s entertainment landscape.

Project Overview

We knew our campaign would require an all-out approach, and no stone was left unturned in the development of a comprehensive strategy that would reach existing and new WyoLotto players via retail locations, print, radio, television, social media, a cash giveaway contest, and even on the gridiron during University of Wyoming Cowboys football games. It was go big or go home for the launch of Powerball, and we left it all on the field to deliver a campaign that was as huge as Powerball itself.

Discovery and Strategy

Given our previous collaboration with WyoLotto, we had a fix on the brand and how deeply it resonated with Wyoming players. We used our extensive knowledge of the lottery and the market to shape our campaign and dial-in an approach that would motivate and inspire consumers to play the refreshed game. We used the already-established fun and welcoming WyoLotto voice to communicate to our players and ensure the bigger, better Powerball fit squarely (or roundly, it is a Powerball, you know) into the existing and well-loved WyoLotto family of games.

Create and Deploy

We were out of the gate in a big way with a radio and television campaign that played up the better odds, bigger multiplier, and billion dollar jackpots of the relaunched game with a sly sense of humor and polished production values. Our television commercial took us behind the scenes and into the fictional Powerball Research Facility to see how the Powerball scientists really made the game bigger. (Hint: It involved giant gerbils and humongous pickles). We created a thematically-connected series of digital ads that were widely featured on social media and played up our “bigger, better” theme with multiple character images and, yes, a giant meatball.


Not content to limit the campaign to traditional media touch points, we kicked-off a major on-field promotion with the University of Wyoming and took the new Powerball to tailgaters outside the stadium and the fans inside the stadium for Cowboys football games. Our presence before the game featured some great Powerball swag, and our on-field game recruited Cowboys fans to make a dash down the field for cash as a giant Powerball. To ratchet up the excitement, we launched a $15,000 Powerball giveaway that deployed across WyoLotto social channels and was introduced at a media day event led by WyoLotto’s CEO. The event featured a PT Cruiser being “crushed” by a giant, inflatable Powerball that helped us attract eyeballs and generate significant press coverage for the game and the giveaway.


Looking Forward

We’ve designed a comprehensive strategy paired with amazing creative work that consistently promotes the overarching WyoLotto brand, while having the flexibility to produce multiple in-brand promotions of the lottery’s portfolio of games. With new games on the horizon, we look forward to collaborating with our partners at WyoLotto to continue to build the brand and take it in new, exciting directions.