Re-Elect Matt Mead

After a successful campaign and election win in 2010, we were thrilled when Governor Mead returned to Warehouse and asked us to market his re-election campaign in 2014. After four years in office, Governor Mead has continually strived to progress our state. The straight shooter that he is, we kept his campaign slogan simple, “Moving Wyoming Forward”. Asking the people of Wyoming for four more years to continue the work he has been doing in office, we set out to visually represent the man that has been the leader of our state. We presented the Governor as not just the man born and raised in Wyoming, but also as the political figure and leader he has become. From a logo refresh to billboards, tv commercials and a brand new website, we visually maintained those Wyoming roots, but made sure to present his political prowess. With a re-election win, we consider that a win for Warehouse as well.