Security State Bank

Wrangling It All Together

Security State Bank had some logo inconsistencies in usage before we helped create a standard logo package to accommodate every occasion. The bank has a long history with the roping illustration and we found it fitting to include this history into the logo. A new font treatment and layout resulted in a logo that represented local Wyoming values, while conveying a sense of quality and professionalism.


Updating The Print

Every bank has its folders. Some may be used for years, or even decades, to hold the documents related to a customer’s home purchase. We proposed a folder that would hold it’s own in a customer’s filing cabinet and create an impression when felt. Simple in its execution and printing, it allows for efficient cost savings with a high pay-off in terms of strengthening the brand. Everything comes to life in the Security State Bank brochure. We designed it to be attractive, to speak to the consumer in simple language and to show what Security State Bank stands for. The billboards had a driving mission to convey the friendly nature of the employees of Security State Bank as well as to let the public know that the bank understands its clients.


Security State Bank came to W21 for help with their brand. While their locations were comfortable and attractive and offered great service, their brand didn’t accurately reflect what the bank was all about. We looked closely at the services they offered, explored their history and culture and developed a strategy for positioning them for success in smaller and rural financial markets in Wyoming. The brand we created is that of a down-to-earth Wyoming institution with a sophisticated western look and feel that embraces the values of honesty, integrity and quality service.

Custom Photography

One of the greatest beauties of Security State Bank’s brand is found in their custom photography. We toured the State of Wyoming, visiting each of their locations to create a custom library of high-quality images to accompany their new brand. We shot everything from buildings and people to horses and hay, aiming to convey Wyoming values and integrity and to show that this local bank really understands its clients’ needs. And in case you were wondering — that is indeed the actor, Wilford Brimley.

Though it’s not something that we tackle with great frequency, we are fully capable when it comes to concepting signage. With the rebrand, Security State Bank wanted to redo their signage. The location shown here is a specific example of having to accommodate the needs of Home Depot while branding Security State Bank through the sign’s architecture.