UW Football

Project Overview
The University of Wyoming Cowboys are a nationally ranked, bowl-winning football team. To ensure that the team would continue to attract top talent that would allow it to extend its record of gridiron success, Cowboy head football coach, Dave Christensen, hired Warehouse Twenty One to create a website and related videos that would support his recruiting efforts.


For top high-school athletes, the selection of a college hinges on more than just the football team’s stats. Among the many variables potential recruits often take into consideration is the team’s culture. Hard to pin down and even harder to define, team culture can be the deciding factor in a football player’s decision regarding which college or University to attend.


Attracting the attention of Millennials is as much a challenge for a football team as it is for product marketers. Coming of age in an information-rich, post-internet world populated with an endless stream of media-powered distractions has immunized this audience against attacks by boring, irrelevant, or mundane messaging. The Warehouse Twenty One strategic and creative teams understood that Coach Christensen’s website and videos would have to set the bar high — and clear it with room to spare — if it hoped to succeed. That meant keeping the content tight, lean, and in the case of the videos, as short and intense as a goal line scrimmage.


We created a user-friendly, visually rich website featuring high-end graphics and stunning photography. We related the Cowboy football story via short, succinct and engaging web content and a 3-video series that vividly captures the energy, excitement and enthusiasm that characterizes the University of Wyoming’s football program.

Since going live on November 1, 2009, coachchristensen.com has had more than 73,400 visits and 138,264 page views.

Our world-class still photography and videography employed interesting angles, player closeups, spectator shots and POVs backed by driving, contemporary soundtracks. The one-minute “Introduction to UW Football” video features quick cuts of game and locker room footage to establish a sense of the football program’s culture. The fast-paced “Game Day” video subtly appeals to the high school athlete’s ego by documenting the highly respected status and devoted following Cowboy team members enjoy. The one-minute “UW in the House” video features extensive use of motion graphics, quick cuts and a hip soundtrack to enumerate the qualities the University of Wyoming looks for in its recruits.


Since going live on November 1, 2009, coachchristensen.com has had more than 73,400 visits and 138,264 page views. The “Game Day” video, the most watched of the series, has been viewed 1,724 times. Although we can’t say for sure how many current University of Wyoming football players are taking to the field as a result of our efforts, we’re proud that our strategic and creative contributions split the figurative uprights for Coach Christensen.