Warren Federal Credit Union

When Warren Federal Credit Union executives decided that it was time to shake things up at the six decades-old not-for-profit financial institution headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, they partnered with Warehouse Twenty One for help in refining and implementing their new marketing initiative.



Warehouse Twenty One conducted extensive research, surveying Warren’s staff and its members to ferret out key findings that could be used to shape the credit union’s marketing plan. The process revealed that 1) Warren members have great stories to tell, and 2) that Warren has an incredibly dedicated and caring team that is genuinely invested in the success of every member.

“The new Warren campaign materials are fresh, approachable and stand out against our competition, and it is a true representation of our brand because we are not like the rest.” – Steve Salazar, Vice President of Marketing/IT.


To ensure that Warren Federal Credit Union would meet its marketing goals, Warehouse Twenty One suggested the creation and deployment of audience-specific campaigns that would establish a friendly, engaging, approachable and non-stodgy brand identity to set Warren apart from its competitors.


Overturning the perception of financial services as inherently cold and stodgy required exploring new territory in visuals and messaging, but the Warehouse Twenty One creative team rose to the challenge with characteristic originality. The team developed campaigns that are bright, positive, lively and focused on individuals.

Targeting prospective members, the team created a Join Us campaign that explores the many things that make Warren unique and emphasizes the many benefits of membership.

A second campaign, Your Warren Life, spotlights real Warren members through the use of photography and video that employs visually arresting walls around Cheyenne as backgrounds. The campaign encourages current members to take advantage of additional credit union services and urges non-members to learn about specific products. Ad placements included billboards, television, radio, social platforms, newspapers, and other print publications.

Separate marketing strategies also targeted current Warren members through onsite video in Warren branches, email marketing, and through an innovative personalized video experience called Sneezebox. We also created branded microsites for each campaign, enabling us to make campaign-specific calls to action and track real-time campaign results in detail.



It’s satisfying when you can not only see and measure the positive results of a campaign, but actually feel them, as well. As planned, membership, loans and deposits are all on the increase, as is service utilization by members. Equally gratifying to Warren employees and the Warehouse Twenty One team is the fact that Warren members are continually commenting on how much they enjoy Warren’s fresh, customer-focused marketing and the financial institution’s engaging and approachable brand identity.