It’s not often an advertising agency has the chance to make history, but Warehouse Twenty One did just that when our partnership with the Wyoming Lottery Corporation culminated in the launch of the state’s inaugural lottery with Powerball® and MegaMillions®. Less than a year later, W21 again collaborated with WyoLotto to rewrite the history books with the release of Cowboy Draw, the first lottery game playable only in Wyoming. 
The story behind the launch of the WyoLotto campaign features political twists and turns, mountains of research data, mythical high-plains creatures, and more than a few late-night brainstorming sessions. The result of our work was a groundbreaking campaign that led to record-breaking sales and phenomenal success for the Wyoming Lottery.


Project Overview

As one of the most-anticipated startups in Wyoming’s history, the state lottery had a long and heavily-debated past. After several failed attempts, a 2013 bill was passed that paved the way for the formation of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. Their aggressive plan of action sought proposals for logo development, web marketing and social media, and strategic marketing and advertising services which they intended to divide between multiple firms. An intense, nationwide competition ensued and Warehouse Twenty One delivered a creative, balanced, and forward-thinking strategic plan of action that secured every account.


We dove into a fast-paced discovery phase with the determination to learn everything we could about how lotteries work, who plays them, and what motivates the target audience. Immersing ourselves in a sea of data allowed us to develop the research-driven strategy essential to create a high-visibility brand that would resonate with players across Wyoming.

Starting a lottery is a complex and challenging process that is not to be taken lightly. I am sincerely grateful for the partnership we have with Warehouse Twenty One, and the smooth, flawless launch and operation of WyoLotto would simply not have been possible without their knowledge, skill, and ability.

-Jon Clontz, Wyoming Lottery Corporation CEO


Our in-house talent conducted internal game-planning sessions to architect a comprehensive and adaptive marketing plan with a razor-sharp focus on peerless strategy and flawless execution. We defined key audience segments; positioned the naming convention of the corporation; created the voice, look, and feel of the brand; and crafted leading-edge web and social strategies.


With a keen awareness that WyoLotto’s signature design could become one of the most viewed and recognizable images in the state, it was paramount to create an identity that was iconic and quintessentially Wyoming.

Our creative process led to the jackalope, that mythical Western creature native to the high plains. Our version, the Jackpotalope, was quickly named Yolo for the combination of adjacent letters that appear in “WyoLotto,” the catchy, fun-to-say-name we coined to capture the spirit of the Wyoming Lottery.


Yolo’s whimsical look, universal appeal, and distinctive design translated to limitless marketing and merchandising opportunities while celebrating the playful nature of the state’s new games. Clever and elusive, Yolo represented the entertainment and fun the lottery promised and soon became a beloved state mascot.



We launched WyoLotto’s communications and advertising efforts with one of the most comprehensive multi-channel mass media campaigns possible. Our finely-tuned media buys utilized a careful mix of channel strategy and leveraged television, radio, outdoor, newspaper, publication, and digital purchasing power to reach a widely dispersed population.

We premiered the WyoLotto brand at a high-profile event held at the Lottery’s Cheyenne headquarters with Wyoming’s governor and state legislators in attendance, and generated substantial media coverage and positive buzz that piqued the interest of residents and retailers around the state.

We created and executed all of WyoLotto’s digital operations as well as their SEO and SEM strategies, and our leading-edge design and inspired content drove a social campaign that functioned as a critical channel to capture and motivate the audience. Comprehensive and tonally consistent, our fully-managed web and social strategies produced record online engagement numbers.

To expand the reach of our digital campaign, W21’s programmers produced a custom online retailer app praised by the Lottery and retailers alike for its ease of use and elegant design.

We significantly expanded the Lottery’s brand footprint, growing both the Lottery’s opt-in email subscriber list and its Facebook fan base exponentially via social media, digital advertising, and strategic sponsorships.

We also took our creative prowess to the streets and installed one-of-a-kind creative branding at the Lottery’s headquarters in downtown Cheyenne.



W21 took the lead role in developing and negotiating major sponsorships with Cheyenne Frontier Days, Wyoming Sports Properties, and the Wyoming State Fair – each a singular entertainment brand in the state. We designed and produced on-location brand marketing and execution solutions that perfectly meshed with each organization’s unique character and industry-leading identity.

W21 generated PR buzz for WyoLotto prior to the debut of the games with a Jeep® giveaway and “Game On!,” a live-streamed, launch-day event held in the grand prize winner’s home town that celebrated the first WyoLotto ticket sold in the state. These promotions created a powerful marketing and communications stream that engaged the target audience and captured statewide media attention.

Our partnership with the Wyoming Lottery yielded a strategic campaign with trailblazing creative that helped drive nearly $200,000 in opening-day sales – impressive for a state with fewer than 450,000 eligible lottery players. With nearly 400 retail locations going live on launch day, Players were greeted with W21-designed point-of-purchasing materials crafted to inform, attract attention, and deliver a fun and exciting in-store experience.

Our ongoing integrated media campaigns have continued to deliver high-impact results and drive sales that have outpaced projections, firmly establishing the once-fledgling Wyoming Lottery as a fun, exciting brand with exceptional statewide recognition.


Looking Forward

What does tomorrow hold? With new promotions and games on the horizon, WyoLotto is focused on entertaining players and making significant financial contributions to the Cowboy State for years to come, and Warehouse Twenty One is committed to delivering the strategic expertise and cutting-edge creative that will make that future a reality.