The Big 8


Because change is constant, Warehouse understands that the company (just like all living things) and the people in it will continue to evolve, becoming a very different organization from year to year.

With that understanding, we defined 8 things that we hold as our uncompromising core. Things that we view as larger than any given project or individual success. Things we would commit to even if it somehow meant that the company wouldn’t survive as a result.
We call them the “Big 8.”  “Big” because they are bigger than any one of us. So big, in fact, that we can see them standing tall above the clouds even on the stormiest days and we will look to them to find our way. We chose 8 of them because there was no need for a 9th.


The Big 8

Go Big

Have the courage to be exactly who we are and find a way to finance it.

People and Place

Care about our people and work space as if it is our lifeline. It is.

Always Pour the Top Shelf

We will pass on work that won’t get our top treatment because of lack of time or interest. We will seek out projects that we can be passionate about, rather than waiting for them all to come to us.

Leave it in the Planet

Life is short, make a list and get things done while you can!


Help ourselves, our employees, our clients, our families and community reach their full potential!

Should Be

We will keep the focus on the “should be” not the “is.” Meaning we want to keep growing and being progressive as people as well as a company. This isn’t about size and revenue alone!

Sandals Allowed

Warehouses can be hot, so sandals should be cool. We will keep our sense of humor, laugh, joke, smile and barbeque!

Get in the Game

We all have a responsibility to our community and deeply believe in downtowns, beautification of city, economic development and preservation of historical industrial spaces. Participate in what you believe in!