Brooklyn Schacht

A Bit About Brooklyn

Brooklyn Schacht leads the strategy and digital teams at Warehouse as our Strategy Director. She joined Warehouse after ten years working as agency digital department head, intellectual property attorney, nonprofit leader and music venue owner in cities across California, Oregon and Alaska. Our resident bear expert, Brooklyn most recently worked for a full-service advertising agency in Anchorage, Alaska running their digital department. She has worked for clients like United Way, Midas, McDonald’s, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, BP, and the University of Alaska.

Brooklyn has a law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School and an undergrad degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She’s a “recovering attorney” who has spent most of her life working to bolster access to art and live music in towns like Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska.

When she’s not writing creative briefs or building websites, Brooklyn is taking pictures or doing some sort of outdoor activity. She enjoys biking, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and long walks on the beach. She likes good beer, strong coffee and Internet memes. Oh, and puppies.