Dave Teubner

A Bit About Dave

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Dave is a civic minded business development guy, who believes business/industry has a responsibility to economic & community development. With work experiences in both the private and public sectors, he believes the strength of any company is always found in the people. With Clients, he provides direct strategic account services and manages of the Strategy & Account Unit at Warehouse. His primary focus is on improving methods of client discovery research, competitive review, strategic & tactical planning, media planning & purchasing, and daily account & relationship management.

For Warehouse, his focus is on Warehouse’s strategic growth, new client evaluation & acquisition, partnership & service line facilitation, and some marketing & business development on occasion. He also moonlights as the safety director, pioneering new safety measures rarely witnessed in the field of advertising.

In Life, Dave is dedicated to his two boys, family & friends. He loves the mountains, music, photography, investing in industrial reuse and Bronco football. He contributes to community brand design via the Cheyenne City Planning Commission and single mother services via the Climb Wyoming Board of Directors.

“Good is the enemy of great”

Favorite Tune

Come Let Go” Xavier Rudd

Favorite Saying

“Life is short, spend more time naked”

Favorite Belief

“At an atomic level, we are all dancing to the same song”