Elsie Manzanares Barajas

A Bit About Elsie

Elsie is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Riverton, until she ‘ran away to the big city’ and has been in Cheyenne on and off since then.

She was intrigued to work in a ‘groovy culture’ and that’s what she found here, working in a restored warehouse with a team full of fresh, creative ideas.  Elsie loves the concept of seeing a project through from start to finish, anxiously waiting for the end product.  She appreciates the fun personalities and creative minds of the team at Warehouse Twenty One.

Elsie is very proud to say the same about her husband, Guadalupe Barajas, a bronze sculptor.  She has worked side by side with him, helping with his artwork.  Mostly it means handing him clay or sculpting tools but her most important accomplishments are her ‘deluxe’ sandwiches.  She finds it rewarding to know that she plays a small part in his artwork displayed around Cheyenne.

She is extremely proud of her daughter, Brandy Davis, a social worker in Denver.  Elsie spends her leisure time experimenting with new recipes and spending as much time as possible with her daughter. She enjoys cooking, movies, forensic science and reading.