Jase Thulin

A bit about Jase

This laid back Wyomingite looks at the world through a lense of possibility and potential. A will do attitude and creative spark idle behind contemplative eyes and an ever present grin. Although quiet and contemplative at times, this gregarious by nature individual will talk your ear off if given the chance!

A University of Wyoming graduate twice over, his background lies in graphic design, cast forms and the sign industry. With a robust tool belt in this industry Jase is able to wear numerous hats as part of the Warehouse Twenty One team. A production junky at heart, he carries an enthusiasm for bringing world class design from rendering to actuality. His heightened sense of observation allows his work to accurately depict and express those pivotal components of concept: hierarchy, balance, and the intangible aesthetic pleasure that is visual bliss.

If you’re ever looking for him in the wild (outside of work), your best chance is in the garage where he is most likely working on a vehicle, crafting or refinishing furniture, or mesmerized with the newest project. The kitchen is a safe secondary bet but if you can’t find this foodie whipping up something, then chances are he’s off to see family and friends!


“Strive for perfection, accept excellence” Chris Thulin