Kelley Martin

A Bit About Kelley

Kelley brings a diverse professional background and a couple of degrees to the Warehouse Crew.  The bulk of Kelley’s career has been in the Human Resources and Benefits field – she uses her mad communication and organization skills to help the Warehouse Crew juggle budgets and timelines to create fabulous content for our clients.

Pride in the community is big for her as she has volunteered for many boards and leads her girls to be better people.  A testament to her ability to manage diverse talents, outside of the Warehouse Kelley wrangles a team of four teenage daughters.  A former college swimmer, Kelley is a big fan of UW athletics and a fitness enthusiast who regularly wipes up the streets of Cheyenne with the tears of her chubby husband.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson