The early years

In 2007, W21 set up shop in the back room of a historic two-story, brick warehouse at 822 West 23rd Street in the West Edge of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Built in 1914, the building was originally Cheyenne Milling Co., Laramie County’s first flour mill. The building largely burnt to the ground in 1920. It was later rebuilt into the building that we know today in 1927.

Time well spent

We began renovating the warehouse in 2009, a labor of love that continues even to this day. One room turned into two, which turned into the whole level – and before you’d know it, we’ve filled the entire building to accommodate our growing team.

We believe the space we work in sets the tone for creativity and collaboration and when you spend as much time at the office as we do, you might as well make it worthwhile!

New production building

In October 2019, we opened a new facility on Cheyenne’s West Edge—architected by VFLA, and built by GHPhipps—where we concept, design, engineer, construct, assemble, apply graphics to, provide hardware for, and test trade show booths and materials we ship all over the world to execute over 100 events a year.

We want to be something for the community, to set the passion for what this area can become and then make it happen.

Dean, Former Owner of Warehouse Twenty One