Meet Brandon

Brandon grew up in the small, southwestern Wyoming town of Green River, and has fond memories of catching lizards, hunting rabbits, and running down hills jumping sagebrush. He moved away at 14, and has lived in cities around the country (and South Korea), but when the opportunity to return and represent his home state came, he took it. He holds a BA in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young University, and completed his post-grad work at Brainco – The Minneapolis School of Advertising.

Serving Warehouse and its clients as Associate Creative Director, Brandon brings over 15 years of agency and in-house experience on brands like the Sacramento Kings, 20th Century Fox, Taos Ski Valley, Dial, ESPN X Games, and the Santa Fe Center for Photography.

An Eagle Scout and former Scoutmaster, Brandon enjoys sharing stories while staring into fire under the mountain stars. He loves playing basketball, writing, and watching sports and dramatic films. Above all, he’s a family man who claims he and his wife Michelle have picked up a few “souvenirs” along the way.

So the turkey is eating a person? Keep going…

Brandon English