Meet Dave

Dave is the sole owner and founder of Warehouse. He is a civic minded business development guy who believes the private sector has a responsibility in economic & community development. Responsible for Warehouse’s strategic direction and growth, Dave has direct oversight of the leadership team that executes all operations and service lines for the company. Passionate about producing great creative work that helps companies find their bigger purpose and grow, he remains very hands on in all client work and relationships.

Dave has made a living out of hiring really talented people with great souls – then putting them in positions to contribute at the next level. Not afraid to push for greatness, he knows that life is short and is not to be lived in fear. Of anything.

He works diligently on personal passions like importance of the creative class in the economy, non discrimination in the workplace, reuse of old spaces, the power of women executives and wage equality, and the revitalization of downtowns. He has two beautiful sons Jack and Josh and a very small handful of close friends and family that make his life go.

It was like giving birth to a Christmas tree.

Dave Teubner

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