Meet Elsie

Elsie is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Riverton.  She joined the Warehouse 21 team in June 2015.

Elsie is the administrative support for 25+ co-workers and believes in going above and beyond in helping with whatever is necessary to make Warehouse 21 run smoothly. She appreciates the fun personalities and creative minds of the team at the Warehouse. She has a background in advertising, having previously worked for Lanig Associations (formerly Moran,Lanig & Duncan) for seven years where she was the Production Coordinator.

Her family includes her daughter, Brandy Davis, currently a Social Worker, who lives in Denver.  She is married to Guadalupe Barajas, a successful bronze artist,  and finds it rewarding to know that she plays a small part in the creation of his award winning artwork.

Elsie spends her leisure time experimenting with new recipes and spending as much time as possible with her family. She enjoys cooking, movies, forensic science and reading.

I lied. The BBQ is actually next Wednesday.

Elsie Manzanares Barajas