Meet Emily

Emily Dexter is the Event and Logistical Coordinator Mastermind for Warehouse Twenty One. She has several years of experience on and off the show floor ensuring our clients have a great customer experience. She does this for events around the country, and occasionally around the world. She feels there is something electric about being out on a show floor when an exhibition or conference is in full swing and loves to help make it all happen. Emily is a Jack-of-all-trades within the Production department and can often be found assisting with the graphics, carpentry, inventory management, and anything else that is needed to ensure that our clients are amazed with their exhibit.

Emily fancies herself an intrepid explorer and finds opportunities to travel. Her favorite of the places she has been so far are Edinburough, Scotland and Kyoto, Japan. She has met some marvelous people along the way and has gained a deep appreciation for their histories and cultures.  She may yet be planning her next exciting adventure.

Emily is also a burgeoning artist. Though her main skills and passions lie in ceramic and other kinds of sculpture, she is a fair hand at ceramic pottery and enjoys dabbling in animation where she can. Emily delights in learning new things and is constantly trying to either acquire a new skill, or improve one she already has. Whilst her knife throwing is a little off the mark, her pies are a slice of heaven.

I have the urge to do Raptor things.

Emily Dexter