Meet Hayley

Hayley “Haylestorm” Laban was born and raised in the far north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where she learned how to chop wood and cuss in Finnish. From a young age, she was a musician and an artist, and as she got older, she figured out how to wrap all of that up into a career. After discovering graphic design as a teenager and going on to get a bachelor’s degree, she set out on the most winding road you could ever take in a career path. From product design, to web, to brand and advertising, she gained a wide array of knowledge in a short time, working for multiple companies in Vermont until Warehouse Twenty One came on her radar.

Hayley joined the team at Warehouse in 2013 and has been a fixture ever since. As senior art director, she takes on any project with excitement and pride, ready to give clients her very best each and every time. Design is Hayley’s biggest passion, and she never grows tired of it, always finding and practicing new and exciting trends.

When Hayley is not designing, you can find her working on her own art, catching a concert in Denver, or making music with her bands (shameless plug 1 & shameless plug 2).

Fish day was the worst.

Hayley Laban