Meet Jake

Jake Henrich joins Warehouse Twenty One from the Silicon Valley. He has an insatiable curiosity and is constantly looking for opportunities to learn something new. Fun fact, Jake knows how to say hello in 21 languages! Prior to joining Warehouse Twenty One, he spent 8 years with eBay/PayPal Inc. in the US and Australia. Recognized for developing key relationships, leading high-functioning teams and inspiring collaboration, Jake knows what it takes to get things done. He’s held a number of senior positions in Account Management, Business Development, Merchandising, and Marketing. Having developed and executed multi-million marketing campaigns that drive growth and revenue he has a solid understanding of traditional and digital marketing integration to yield maximum results.  

When he isn’t working he enjoys family time, gourmet cooking (it’s a work in progress), watching Kung Fu movies (waa-pow!), practicing his photography skills (another work in progress), discovering new places (life’s short), dreaming about sports cars (sweet dreams), and attending sporting events (go-team!).

That actually changed a rule in our house. No dub-smashing alone.

Jake Henrich

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