Meet Nick

Nick is the Experiential & Hardware Director at Warehouse, taking lead on experiential & our hardware inventory. Prior to Warehouse, he headed SEO efforts for a large e-commerce company that specialized in outdoor equipment and apparel. Nick also runs an online business, buying and selling limited-edition sneakers to clients around the world.

At Warehouse, Nick has been able to further his passions by getting involved in helping develop Cheyenne’s West Edge through Edge Fest. Edge Fest is a yearly music festival that was started by Warehouse Twenty One, but has been chaired by Nick for the last couple of years. The event has grown from a company party to a festival that attracts nationally known acts helping celebrate Cheyenne’s West Edge.

Outside of the office, you can find Nick checking out cool new restaurants along the front range, golfing, seeing great bands, going to UW Cowboys games, or enjoying time with his wife Kallie and daughters. He’s got two pretty cute Goldendoodles too, Bueller and Rooney. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Nick's Stories