The Beartrap Summer Festival is an annual summer arts and Bluegrass music festival held at Casper Mount in Casper, Wyoming. Founded in 1994, it has grown to attract thousands of music lovers each year. Bringing people together with live music is a big passion project at Warehouse Twenty One, and we have been delighted to partner with Beartrap over the years.


Bluegrass bringing us together in the great outdoors

As Beartrap has grown and evolved, we’ve refreshed the brand twice, once in 2008 and again in 2015. In both executions of the Beartrap brand, we used a style that pays homage to Wyoming and the great music, artists, vendors, merchants, and craftspeople that this event brings together.  It’s fun and informal, with a bit of refined grit, a hand-crafted look, and an illustrative flair. And, of course, a bear.


Creative freedom keeps it fresh and fun

Beartrap undertakes a new marketing and advertising campaign for each festival year, using a variety of methods to drive attendance to the event. We’ve supported these efforts through our annual designs for their concert posters, t-shirts, and newspaper ads. Our designers love when Beartrap comes around because we have a ton of creative freedom and get to work on something we love!


Shaping a great experience for attendees, musicians, and artists alike

For the event itself, bands and artists from around the country come together for two days in the woods and meadows of Wyoming; the party is truly a unique experience.  Over the years, we’ve helped Beartrap design stage banners and merch in order to make the day-of experience that much more memorable and fun for attendees. We sometimes show up and drink beer with them, too.

I’m not afraid of bears. I respect them… But I’m not afraid of them.

Jordan, Creative Director