Big Lost Meadery in Gillette, Wyoming, brews handcrafted mead: the world’s oldest fermented beverage. Made from honey, mead was a favorite of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Vikings, Saxons and just about every other culture that loved to party and get their pillage on.

We love to throw in—and kick back—with clients crafting exceptional products of any kind—especially in our home state. So Warehouse Twenty One and Big Lost were a natural fit.


For the love of mead, camaraderie, and adventure

Big Lost embodies the allure of exploring the majestic mountains of Wyoming with no destination in mind, wandering awe-inspiring lands known only to those who dare to venture. We distilled that essence to “story” and “individualism.” These became the core of the brand identity W21 developed: Unique characters and settings depicted in an illustrative style on each bottle, sign, coaster, and collector-series poster we create for Big Lost.

Telling stories is what we do. Some stories are best told through illustration. I especially love the Big Lost illustrations, because each character has an undefined quality that allows the imagination to fill in the story.

Jake, Account Manager