The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has a rich 40-year history with the City of Cheyenne. The organization began with a simple greenhouse off Highway 30 and eventually built a multimillion-dollar facility in the heart of Cheyenne, maintaining all along its commitment to serve the community.

As like-minded organization that also grew up in Cheyenne, Warehouse Twenty One was thrilled when Cheyenne Botanic Gardens asked us to help tell their beautiful story.


Evolving a brand to flourish

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens partnered with W21 to evolve its brand identity to better reflect the organization today, its core values of community, beauty, and sustainability, and its vision for the future.

Modern, approachable, and vibrant, the resulting brand identity and standards served as our guiding light when updating the website and countless other collateral for the brand relaunch and opening of the new facility.


Brand relaunch and facility grand opening

The opening of the state-of-the-art Cheyenne Botanic Gardens—a new high-profile city attraction and interactive community resource—was a big deal. In its opening days, thousands of visitors from around Wyoming and beyond came to visit. We synchronized the brand relaunch with the grand opening and created a variety of assets to support both major events.


Thoughtful, artful, and true to brand essence

Making full use of our in-house design and production capabilities, W21 created a beautiful  “memorable first impression” donor wall, extensive signage, and a user-friendly interactive digital kiosk for the new facility.

Throughout, we carefully balanced form, function, and aesthetics with true-to-brand executions. To honor the site, the plant cycle of life, and sustainability, we even incorporated a tree from the grounds into the kiosk design.  

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has placed a strong foundation for both their new building and a regional brand. It is so exciting for us to have such an aesthetic influence with a client this important to our community.

Brandon, Event Director