At the heart of every community lies something unique and interesting you won’t find anywhere else. We highlighted Evanston, Wyoming as an authentic, beautiful setting to stimulate its local economy by increasing the number of people, families, and businesses who want to take in all it has to offer.


As a small town with heart, Evanston provides an escape for those in nearby large cities. Its remote location rewards them as a getaway with quaint style. So, we featured the city in a modern fashion to appeal to a contemporary audience. By pairing playful elements with meandering logo lines, Evanston’s identity naturally became a nod to a place worth exploring.

A variety of videos were created to showcase Evanston as a whole, its community, and its epic outdoor opportunities.


Unveiling sprawling vistas, outdoor venues, events, and nightlife, and juxtaposing them with shots of characters like an old, restored pickup truck, a vibrant farmer’s market, and a serene fishing hole allowed us to give the audience a big-picture view while also immersing them in finer details that thread through Evanston’s adventurous side.

Your story awaits

Polaroid photos have a way of delivering nostalgia the moment they’re taken. And true to its personality, memories made in Evanston become miniature life milestones. So, we combined these two ideas to add continuity to the materials we created while also encouraging people to come experience their story in this town on the border of beauty and charm.