When the Wyoming Lottery launched, it did so with two games: Powerball and Mega Millions, national games known as the go-to lottery games. In its second year, WyoLotto decided to launch its very own game to add to its portfolio: Cowboy Draw. For this project, Warehouse Twenty One created the name and brand from scratch, rolled the new game out across Wyoming, and watched WyoLotto enjoy great success as players around the state jumped in to play.


Branding the new game “Wyoming”

WyoLotto wanted the new game to have a uniquely Wyoming character to resonate with our home-state audience, not least because WyoLotto distributes profits to Wyoming municipalities for community benefit. With this in mind, we developed the Cowboy Draw brand and foundational assets for launching the game: a website, how-to-play brochures for retail outlets, in-store signage, merch, and more.


Keeping it fun, memorable, and uniquely Wyoming

We launched Cowboy Draw in true Wyoming fashion: By giving away a horse. Promoted statewide via TV, radio, in-store point of purchase (POP), digital advertising, and social media, our campaign used a series of giveaways to keep the game interesting and top-of-mind. Our favorite: The “Cowboy Draw Cowboy Draw” giveaway, where we asked players to draw their best rendition of a cowboy and share it on social media for a chance to win prizes.


Increasing engagement with lively events

Cowboy Draw had a lively presence at WyoLotto-sponsored events throughout the year. The in-booth brand experience included special Cowboy Draw themed games and giant cowboy hats for winners. In addition, regular retailer parties and winner celebrations—featuring the infamous big checks—has kept the game and WyoLotto high profile across the state.

Branding and launching Cowboy Draw was a fun and unique undertaking. Using imagery and colors that Wyoming is familiar with, we were able to design something that felt close to the players, but also embraced the fun spirit of the lottery. Giving away a ‘horse’ was also a new one for, well, everyone.

Hayley, Art Director