Edge Fest began as a party for ourselves. We wanted to hang out with our friends, have a few drinks, listen to some cool music, and appreciate local art together. Four years later, Edge Fest is now a Cheyenne staple, attracting the community with food trucks, vendors, beer, and our favorite local and national bands. Some of our clients have joined in on the fun, helping in various ways to support and even sponsor the event. Because this is a festival that Warehouse has created, we really get to set the tone for what kind of impact we want to have in our community, especially the West Edge District. That’s why Edge Fest is about celebrating exactly who you are, no matter what the world says you should be. That’s why we partner with so many amazing local sponsors who share our values and have helped us create an annual event that people genuinely look forward to each year. That’s why, at its core, it’s still a party for us and our friends to share music, art, and the West Edge experience with each other. We just have a lot more friends now.


Branding with an edge

After the first few years, Edge Fest reached a point where it needed a full branding. In order for the event to go to the next level, we needed a kickass brand that matured Edge Fest, as well as paid homage to the West Edge’s roots and railroad history. Using ourselves as the client, we created a brand that was modern, yet gritty, embodying the spirit where art and industry meet.


Artful campaigns

While the brand of Edge Fest remains true, each year gets a completely new and unique look that we drive in campaign marketing. Custom illustration and West Edge inspiration drive home our love of art, music, and community in the form of apparel and screen-printed posters. These designs are then translated into paid tactics, such as newspaper and radio, but also non-paid placements through social media, community partnerships, and area signage. Making each year fresh and new allows for attendees to have commemorative items that remind them of the great time they had that specific year.


A night to remember

Nothing else matters about Edge Fest if the event experience isn’t amazing. In order to understand the West Edge, you have to experience it and spend some time there. At Edge Fest, we try to give attendees the feeling of what the area could be like. We do so through well-designed signage that evokes elements of the area’s railroad history, providing a cool mix of eclectic vendors that could one day call the West Edge home, and bringing awesome bands that are outside of the norm for the historically western state capital.

Edge Fest is a music party that accepts and celebrates everyone who wants to come hang. And it celebrates them as they are, not as their brains or the world tells them they should be. It’s a chance to let music unify us all with fewer words and more dancing and more love than most ordinary days allow.

Dave, Owner and CEO (And Edge Fest founder)