Founded in 1947, FLANDERS is privately-held, motor technology company serving North America, South America, Australia and South Africa. Through its many years of business, FLANDERS has become a true innovator in the domain of electrical rotating equipment and advanced electronic systems for heavy industrial machines. The company has also grown to service a variety of industries, including: mining, metals, utility and energy, automotive, plastic, petroleum, oil and gas, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, paper, marine, and transportation. Basically, they make big, cool, super-manly stuff.


Brand identity

We began the journey by getting to know both FLANDERS and the industry they serve. This process involved a series of deep-dive interviews with employees and clients, onsite discovery sessions, and hours reviewing the competition. As it turns out, they can build just about anything they set their minds to – which proved to be an invigorating challenge as we organized their products and services for the world to better understand.

From there, we worked on incorporating the existing logo and color palette into a robust brand book to help define them moving forward. In the end, the brand development process proved to be an inspiration to the team as it mirrored back their soul and purpose – and served as a guiding light for developing a new brochure system, brand collateral, booth properties, and slick new website.


Targeted campaigns

FLANDERS hired Warehouse the same year it planned to host a MINExpo exhibit. As such, we embarked on a booth redesign in a very short period of time, eager to help FLANDERS elevate its presence at MINExpo and help drive awareness of its booth through strategically-placed ads in international mining and milling publications.


A multi-industry experience

Although FLANDERS’ products are heavily geared toward the mining industry, a large portion of its business is in the industrial mills category. In order to reach its target audience in both areas, FLANDERS attends a variety of industry trade shows and events throughout the year. To help support their efforts at these events, W21 has created a number of booth properties that represent FLANDERS’ unique offerings. As such, FLANDERS now has the flexibility to customize booth space to meet their needs, no matter the type of show.

FLANDERS is a great example of how we rely on our clients as partners to be experts in their field. When the experts in mining, mills, and massive machinery come to the table and mix with our expertise in marketing, advertising, and event…. good stuff happens!

Brooklyn, Account Strategy Director