Built on a sincere culture of caring, Blue Federal Credit Union gives a ton to the communities it serves, taking action through sponsorships, donations, and extensive volunteer involvement. This includes an annual Do Good membership drive culminating in a substantial donation to a local nonprofit when Blue reaches its goals. During the campaign, each person who becomes a Blue member receives $100 cash to use for doing good in the community.  


Creating an identity for the Do Good spirit

Doing good is so fundamental to Blue’s character that we created a special “Do Good” brand identity as an umbrella for Blue’s community-minded outreach. It has its own mark and flair, yet sits in complete harmony within the broader Blue brand. This brand identity provides continuity across separate Do Good campaigns with unique themes.


Superheroes on every channel

The first Do Good campaign launched in Laramie, Wyoming in 2014. Its theme: How all of us can be superheroes. Since then, we’ve been executing this campaign every year in different markets including Fort Collins and Wellington, Colorado. Each campaign for Blue’s Do Good membership drives included print, digital, social media, and more. We’ve also executed fun in-store, staff, and community engagement activities, such as setting up in-branch superhero photo booths.

Do Good Video


Team building: Up, up and away!

For Blue’s Do Good campaigns, we’ve planned and executed numerous events throughout Wyoming and Colorado. One of our favorites: A full-day celebration for Blue staff, where everyone received superhero capes, gloves, and heartfelt encouragement from the leadership team to go do good in their town. Several Do Good campaigns have included large-scale press events, attended by thousands, celebrating Blue’s local donations.

At Warehouse, we are always in search for things that inspire us. Blue’s commitment to give back and find members who share a vision of community provides that inspiration year over year.

Ashley, Account Supervisor