It can be a challenge for a division of an international company to find the balance between leveraging the corporate brand while also standing out within it. But bringing a brand to life is what gets us out of bed in the morning and creating a space that showcased Lenovo OEM Solutions’ unique attitude gave us the chance to do just that.


In the OEM space, the conversation doesn’t start with the hardware; it starts with the solution. With this in mind, we designed a booth that featured an array of digital signage solutions from Lenovo partners on the outside. We added twelve 70” screens on the inside to create a visually-dynamic ambiance bar area that provided dedicated space for happy hours and more in-depth conversations.


Across all assets, we pursue a mixture of fun and intention. Whether it was coasters for happy hour, bag inserts, or handouts, we found ways to bring together entertainment and informative copy.


Show floors are busy, loud, and overall overwhelming. Our goal was to create a moment (or longer) of relief from all the noise and busyness, ultimately representing the experience of partnering with Lenovo.

Final results

The glowing hanging sign and interior of the booth drew attendees like moths to a flame. With two happy hour events in addition to the show hours, the Lenovo OEM Solutions booth lit up the floor.

The 2019 DSE Booth allowed for a truly unique experience combining video, light, and sound. All of those things attracted attendees to this booth and made them want to stay. The cocktails helped too.

Nick, Experiencial & Hardware Director