As Lenovo OEM Solutions’ presence continued to grow globally, they looked for a way to build team camaraderie and team knowledge with product and service training.

It all started as an in-person sales team conference, bringing together a team of 100+ Lenovo OEM sales representatives from all over the world to Raleigh, NC. But then, things changed with COVID-19. Travel was no longer an option, but business had to continue.

So we pivoted with Lenovo, creating a joint virtual sales team training and customer event.

Event Identity

It was important that this event feel modern, tech-focused, and forward-thinking in a way that also felt unique to Lenovo, so we leveraged Lenovo OEM Solutions’ new identity when creating this event.

Lenovo hardware is Powering What’s Next for OEMs all around the world. We wanted both the sales team and the customers to be reminded of the important role Lenovo plays for OEMs, so we created Powered By ‘20, a naming convention and visual identity they can carry into the future.


Taking a multi-day event and re-creating it to be virtual required extensive programming discussions. We were cognizant of a live virtual experience (especially for an international sales team), addressed all training topic needs, and developed a customer briefing program that could be implemented multiple times in a single week to capitalize on schedules and availability.

Stage Build & Assets

We knew the stage was going to be one of the most important pieces, since it would be the background for the event. We developed a layout to suit the variety of speaker setups (also accommodating virtual presenters) and incorporated a custom screen setup to allow for some motion and texture.

Along with the stage, we created a variety of assets, including pre- and post-communication emails and collateral, a custom website complete with restricted access page to event materials, swag boxes shipped around the world to attendees, and anything else the Lenovo team needed.

We also developed some custom, long-form videos that the Lenovo team can continue to use in the coming year.

On-Site Execution

Leveraging a broadcast platform that Lenovo prefers, the Warehouse Twenty One team was able to execute the entire virtual event with an in-house team. From building the stage on-set in Raleigh to running the cameras, we leveraged our experiential, video and production, project management, and account teams to bring these events to life. Closely collaborating with the Lenovo OEM Solutions team helped make this virtual event a success.

“As the world changed, Warehouse changed. We evolved alongside it, which allowed us to create a new service line that was able to execute quickly on a global scale for an industry-leading client. The experience was rewarding and inspiring.”

Nick, Experiential & Hardware Director