A multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 company, Lenovo is one of the world’s most recognized brands in personal and business computing technology. Warehouse Twenty One’s relationship with Lenovo started with producing large Workstation trade show booths for a variety of events. From there, we proved we could deliver the world-class strategy, creative, and execution they expect and need to stay at the top of their game. Since then, we’ve done incredibly diverse projects for different Lenovo teams, ranging from developing graphic novel-style sales enablement tools about a famous Lenovo superuser to managing computer hardware logistics for large-scale, international tech events.


Creativity inside-the-box

We believe in the value of brand integrity and consistency. And for a large company like Lenovo, we’re extra diligent when it comes to staying true to a global brand. Whether a customer is visiting a trade show booth, reading a brochure, or interacting via virtual reality (VR), we make sure the experience is clearly and distinctly Lenovo.


Attracting a smart, tech-savvy audience

Throughout each year, Lenovo gets in front of their customers at industry-specific events such as Autodesk University, SOLIDWORKS World, and many others. We support the Lenovo team with smart marketing materials that drive traffic to the booth. This includes marketing collateral, traveling VR exhibits, giveaways, handouts, signage, sales presentations, and press room support.


Crafting interactive, live, high-tech experiences

Whether in a booth, conference room, or disruptive VR experience in the grand hall of a convention center, we help Lenovo create a brand experience felt throughout the event. We do this through interactive, hands-on, in-booth tech demos, social media feeds, on-sight materials and signage, classroom experiences using Lenovo computers, and more.


Warehousing and Hardware

W21 also handles warehousing logistics and storage for Lenovo computers and VR units shipped to, shown, and used at events and sales presentations. This helps Lenovo give potential customers memorable, hands-on experiences with their technology.

I’ve noticed one thing in common with the marketing efforts of top performing companies: bravery is required.   The Lenovo team has shown that they are passionate, experience-driven, and have a “lets-go-for-it” attitude that has been amazing to work with. Together we’ve been able to capture this driving belief, and its making all the difference.