L&H Industrial opened its doors more than 50 years ago as a small six-man machine shop. Today, the company has a global reach spanning five continents and a roster of more than 500 employees. Aside from the massive metal machines they build, we fell in love with their people, their core values, their lasting relationships with customers, and their unwavering commitment to quality. While they might have come to us for our marketing expertise, we learned as much or more from them about business as they did from us.


An honestly better brand

After a few years of helping L&H with trade shows, we saw firsthand what they were capable of and who they were competing against. Feeling compelled, we pitched a full rebrand to help their identity match the high caliber of work they were doing in the industry. After months of development, we worked with L&H to make the shift, positioning the company as an industry leader and innovator across multiple channels and across the globe, while retaining its rich heritage and essential character. Once established, the updated brand gave rise to a new brand book, logo, tagline, website, printed collateral, property signage, and many other assets. The tagline, “Honestly Better,” plays on the notion that L&H always puts the needs of its customers first while speaking honestly. And when they say they make a better product, they really mean it.


A global campaign

With a loyal customer base, and a historic logo stamped on the hearts of employees and customers, communicating the reason behind the rebrand to others was key. They had to understand that this was the same company founded on the same values who they could still trust to carry them forward. The timing of the brand rollout coincided with L&H’s 50th anniversary, making the celebration a true highlight for the company. To celebrate, we mobilized a multimedia brand blitz, calculated to clearly introduce the new L&H to employees, customers, and the public, while also increasing recognition of the new logo.

L&H Videos


The biggest machines on the planet

A huge focus of the rebrand included applying it to their physical spaces. The Gillette HQ was renovated from the ground up while interior and exterior signage was made consistent across the other facilities. In addition, we custom built their trade show presence to reflect the new identity while varying from show to show based on the needs of each industry. For instance, at MINExpo, (the FIFA World Cup of the mining industry) we showcased the new brand on a global stage featuring a two-story structure, giant theatre screen, and twelve massive machine parts in all their glory.

From the first time we pitched the idea of a rebrand to Jeff Wandler and a mountain of a man named Al in Gillette, to having to build a site in English and two versions of Spanish, we knew that inevitably March 31, 2015 would be here and this whole thing was going to happen. I honestly don’t even know fully how we did it, but when I saw a photo of the staff in Chile proudly standing next to their signed brand rollout poster, I knew that something incredible had happened. We haven’t stopped since. We continue making things incredible every day with the amazing team at L&H.

Aaron, Operations Director