When the price of a Mega Millions ticket changed from $1 to $2, getting players to buy more tickets was a tall order. Not only did we have to make sure they understood the changes to the game, we also had to make it enticing for them to play. Fortunately, the jackpot increased too, from $15M to $40M.

Chasing jackpots

One of the changes to the game allowed for different types of players to get in on the action. While some may say four out of five is a good win, Jackpot Chasers go for the big prize. There has always been plenty of small prizes, but for those looking for that 40-million-dollar+ payday, there was Just the Jackpot—a new standalone ticket that would give you a chance to win it all without worrying about the smaller prizes.


Instead of showing people spending big bucks on outlandish things after winning a jackpot, we focused on anticipating and preparing for the big win. We positioned the new Mega Millions as so life-changing that players should practice living that lifestyle now to get ready for the good life.


Our goal was to increase Mega Millions ticket sales by 1% compared to the same period the year prior, and we increased them by 36%.

More bling, please. Always more bling.

Jordan, Creative Director