The Wyoming Department of Health wanted people around the state who view secondhand smoke as “somewhat harmful” or “not at all harmful” to change their perceptions to “very harmful.” So, we created a campaign to raise awareness around the dangers of secondhand smoke—particularly educating non-smokers.

No amount is okay

To help this audience see just how harmful secondhand smoke really is, we introduced small amounts of toxic things to normally delicious foods—showing that even a bit of something bad can ruin a good thing. We applied these visual metaphors to the deadly elements found in secondhand smoke—encouraging people not to allow any of it into their lives.

Video for broadcast, social media, and cinema.


Sharing the campaign through various media gave us a myriad of opportunities to relay the harms of secondhand smoke in interesting ways—from newspaper, TV, and cinema ads to digital and social ads that all led to a landing page with information spelling out the specific chemicals contained in secondhand smoke.

State Fair

At the Wyoming State Fair, we set up a pop-up booth with an installation highlighting the detrimental nature of ingesting lethal substances like secondhand smoke, where Wyomingites were able to learn more about just how dangerous this epidemic is to their health.