As a trusted national game with strong brand awareness, Powerball is the biggest jackpot game of any lottery product in the country. We leveraged $100,000 for giveaway prizes (including a truck, boat, camper, and cash) from the Multi-state Lottery Association with a campaign celebrating Powerball fun to drive sales.

The power of Powerball

People like the thrill Powerball offers them to play their lucky numbers. So, we drove home the idea that they had more chances to win when they played Powerball more by reminding them that TH3RE’S P0WER 1N NUMBER5 (both their Powerball numbers and the number of days they played them).

Giveaway campaign

Pairing these great prizes with a fun campaign identity reinforced the Powerball brand’s playful nature. TH3RE’S P0WER 1N NUMBER5 gave players a reason to buy regularly throughout the campaign by releasing one code every day for 90 days. Each code was a chance to enter, so playing daily gave them 90 chances to win.

Getting the word out

The campaign was seen in print, digital media, and point of purchase, as well as in this web video to help answer any questions along the way.

Powerful results

In 90 short days, we had over 80,200 entries, sold over 1,088,000 tickets, gave away a bunch of prizes, and announced the winners on social media to a growing number of Powerball fans.