The Met came to Cheyenne—bringing a dining experience not currently here, and asked us to establish a brand that would help their efforts to galvanize the downtown area. As its name conveys, a metropolitan connects a wide variety of people and infuses them with sophisticated ideas and culture. So, we thought the restaurant should evoke the same.

Brand Identity

To encapsulate this elevated mindset, we gave The Met an elegant, refined visual style—cueing mid-century modernism while creating a unique, clean, avant-garde taste. Its art deco aesthetic represents an era of urban development and of creating something where the whole is much greater than its parts.

Art Through Cuisine

Because Chef Juan’s culinary offerings are works of art, each plate at The Met is treated as a masterpiece—putting the food at the center of the restaurant’s distinctive ambiance. Such artistry serves as a backbone to the brand and sets it apart in a community hungry for it.

Grand Opening Campaign

Our introduction of The Metropolitan to the community revolved around visually and verbally matching its upscale dining with an illustrative explosion of color and flavor. We gave the campaign a voice, look, and feel that put this restaurant in another class from any other place in town.

This is so much more than a beautiful brand and grand opening campaign being created. The Metropolitan is creating a new dining landscape unlike anything that has been offered to Cheyenne before and I feel honored just to be a small part of it.

Haleigh Graham, Senior Project and Resource Manager

All photography by Janelle Rose