The Wyoming Department of Health wanted to address the topic of secondhand smoke because 19% of Wyoming’s population smokes, and 67% of parents who smoke, do so around their children. While parents know it’s unhealthy, many don’t realize how bad it is for others. So, we created a campaign to educate them on the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Compassion vs. judgement

Narrowing the focus specifically to moms, we applied a serious tone to a serious situation—reinforced with black and white design and thoughtful, empathetic, less judgmental messaging, which gave the StopSecondhand effort a convincing voice. Secondhand smoke affects people more than mere statistics, and treating them with humanity made meaningful impact.

A mother's testimony

Using testimonials from moms whose children had been adversely affected by their smoking spoke louder than anything we could say. That mixed with compelling facts conveying secondhand smoke’s deadly effects became a powerful mix of love and truth.

For those who expose you to the harm of secondhand smoke without realizing its full effects—this became a valuable resource to direct people to for having the conversation about how to ensure safety for your loved ones.

Andrea, Media Planner & Buyer