In the few years since we created the WyoLotto brand, it has become one of the most identifiable entertainment icons in Wyoming. But it’s more than a source of entertainment, it also provides extra revenue to the state in a time when some local industries are taking a hit. In its first four years, WyoLotto has given back over $10 million to the state through quarterly transfers. So, we decided to create a mini-campaign based on a video celebrating all the ways they give back to the state.

Setting the record straight

Many Wyomingites are unaware of all of the ways that WyoLotto gives back other than the big check. Every quarter, WyoLotto gives a generous portion of its proceeds to the state of Wyoming to be distributed to cities, towns, and counties… but that’s not all. From players to retailers, local media to jobs in the state—the impact of the Wyoming Lottery is far and wide. Our goal was to show them just how big of a positive force WyoLotto is in our state and its economy.

The full length video was shared through press releases and on social media channels while smaller cut downs were used as part of a media buy to gain impressions to the full piece.

From the road

We traveled to every corner of the state, capturing authentic Wyoming landscapes and the people impacted by all that WyoLotto does to support players, retailers, statewide media, local events and organizations, and the state as a whole. The video served as the cornerstone for a mini-campaign for Wyoming residents, state legislators, and other key stakeholders.

Coming from Ohio—in one week, I got to see more of Wyoming than most people who live here. Day one, boys. Day one.

Keith, Photo & Video Production Director