The Wyoming Lottery, the Wyoming Department of Health, and a team of key stakeholders created the Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition (WRGC) to help people keep moderate gambling for entertainment from crossing the line to addiction, and to help people who have crossed that line break the cycle of dependency. WRGC enlisted us to develop an identity for the organization and launch its first campaign in the Wyoming market.


Human, informed, and caring

As the home state marketing agency behind WyoLotto, we understand what resonates with Wyomingites who enjoy gambling, and we applied that in developing the WRGC brand identity. It has the warm, smart, unpretentious character we appreciate in Wyoming. Distinctive, but not splashy. At the heart of the brand: WRGC is about respectfully looking out for our friends, family, neighbors, and ourselves.


Starting the conversation about gambling addiction

Our challenge in this campaign was to address head on the problem of gambling addiction without throwing a wet blanket on the fun of gaming responsibly. We rolled out our campaign, “Too much good is bad,” in a statewide, multi-channel campaign: newspaper ads, radio spots, billboards, organic social media posts, press releases, website content, and emails.

Kudos to the WRGC for their openness to taking a lighthearted approach to a problem that can have devastating effects on people’s lives. Often, those creating cause advertising rail against an issue—alienating their audience in the process. This campaign takes a more accessible route, like a friendly nudge from a gambler’s conscience.

Brandon, Associate Creative Director