The Wyoming Supreme Court enlisted us to develop an interactive learning center in their Cheyenne building. The Judicial Learning Center educates visitors from fifth grade up about the rule of law and its role in Wyoming’s history. 

As a Wyoming company and one of the rare U.S. ad agencies with full in-house exhibitry capabilities—from fabrication to large-format printing to digital kiosk design—W21 was especially suited for this project. Plus, we were excited to help create a new community education resource in our hometown and state capital. 

The space has quickly become a treasure tucked away in the historic Wyoming Supreme Court Building next to the Wyoming State Law Library. We invite you to see it if you’re in Cheyenne.


Developing a fun, approachable brand identity for a serious institution

We worked with the Supreme Court to define a singular look and feel for the physical, digital, and online educational experience. It needed to hold special appeal for the fifth-grade classes that regularly tour the building, yet engage teens and adults. The brand we created was tactile, approachable, and fun while maintaining the sense of gravitas and class expected of this distinguished government institution.


Attracting visitors to this interactive learning center—in person, and online

As part of the launch, we developed a set of branded awareness-building and educational materials. This included a display brochure for regional distribution and a website closely mirroring the experience of walking through the physical exhibit. The website, developed as a stand-alone learning tool for anyone, emphasizes supporting educators who plan to bring students to the center.


Accessible and entertaining education for all ages

Transforming a location into a true multimedia educational experience that’s both entertaining and interactive-that’s our jam. As visitors walk through, they learn about the rule of law, the judicial branch, and moments of Wyoming history that shaped our laws. The Supreme Court team loved it so much, they had us come back and build their Equality Hall-a dedicated space featuring some pretty amazing women who shaped Wyoming. 

The Rule of Law Video

Before my career in marketing and advertising, I was a practicing attorney. (Warning: Lawyers LOVE to pontificate on the law and what it means.) So, when the Wyoming Supreme Court asked us to help them build an interactive educational exhibit at the courthouse, I couldn’t have been more excited. I loved practicing law. And I love marketing. So this truly was a passion project for me. At the end of the day, the Judicial Learning Center tells a super complex story in a way that’s simple, accurate, engaging, and totally approachable. If you haven’t visited, I hope you do. When you go, make sure to check out the “Rule of Law” video and “How to be a Judge” interactive exhibit—you might learn a thing or two. After that, come find me so we can talk about it!

Brooklyn, Account Strategy Director