The Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) is an important group of governor-appointed business leaders from around the state responsible for fostering skilled workforces to serve growing industries. However, they’re often mistaken for an economic development entity or not even known at all. And they wanted to change that.


Clarifying who they are and distinguishing what they do started with a logo refresh. At the time, the emphasis of their logo was on Wyoming but we wanted to proudly bring “Workforce Development” to the forefront. This focus is what sets them apart and by making it clearer, it was no longer something people could gloss over.


During this process we uncovered a collection of stories that showcased the impact of WWDC’s efforts across the state. We knew we could bring these advancements to life in a way that stood out by diving into the land of miniatures and stop motion.


For people who wanted to learn even more about WWDC or see more of the stories, we created a simplified website where they could explore the different regions in Wyoming while also learning about everything the council oversees and impacts for the state.

To see the site, visit wywdc.com.

From an execution standpoint, we needed to get a lot of complex information across in a way that remained visually engaging. These types of explainer videos are generally done with motion graphics or an interview/talking head approach. We decided to do the complete opposite using railroad figurines and props in custom-built sets where everything was physical. No graphics added in post, no special effects, no actors. Each scene meticulously art-directed.

Hayley, Senior Art Director