In the fall of 2019 we hosted an open house for our new production facility. Safe to say we’re still riding the high of sharing our new space with the Cheyenne community and during this season that is all about being thankful and appreciating loved ones, we can’t help but reflect on what it meant to us.

For us, this building is not just about growth and needing more space. It’s a physical representation of dedication to the experiential industry. Now when we take a step back and look at all of our service lines together, we’re struck with gratitude for the variety of skills people have brought together all under one roof (well, technically two now):

  • 3D design
  • Manufacturing + Fabrication
  • Motion graphics
  • Video & Photography
  • Hardware maintenance/distribution

That collection is special to us. We take pride in being a company with a unique collection of offerings, planted right here in Cheyenne, WY, cruising along under the radar.

So under the radar, in fact, that people we’ve known for years were learning about the type of production work we’re capable of as we showed them around during the open house. We often got the question “So, when is everyone moving over here,” and responded that we weren’t leaving the original building for this one; instead this new build is an extension, giving a small team the space they need to do big projects that other marketing agencies outsource.

We don’t talk about this team much because these humans are some of the most humble people who don’t spend time talking about their projects or their experience; instead they just fucking deliver, day after day. But we want to share a little bit more about their capabilities and remind people (and ourselves) how a local business in Cheyenne, WY is serving national and international clients. So, this building and this post is a step. A step to celebrate!

Getting to celebrate a new building in Cheyenne that houses unique capabilities and enhances the West Edge landscape is two big dreams colliding together. Throw in that we commissioned one of the greatest large-scale muralists we’ve ever seen (who we’re also happy to call our Creative Director, Jordan Dean) to create a piece of art that can be shared with the community through our big windows, and you’ve got a third dream in the mix. And a fourth, when you add in the W21 team members that made this possible, tying in with our guiding principles of Become (“We are all in this together and capable of more than we think. We will help ourselves, our teammates, our clients, our families, and our community realize their full potential”) and People and Place (“Care for our people and the places they spend every day as if it’s our lifeline – It is”).


This building was the dream of a few but only possible by the efforts of many. We’re so grateful to the companies and people involved:

In the spirit of the season and as we look back over this year, thank you to our team, our partners, our clients, our friends, and our community. We’re incredibly grateful for all of you and the ways you have supported W21 and celebrated with us. 


You’re welcome any time for a beer from our new tap.