A change of plans

For the past ten years, we have been intently focused on moving Warehouse Twenty One from solely a marketing firm to an event + marketing firm, all under one roof. We had a vision of powerful customer experiences, the highest quality of craftsmanship, and seamless integrations of technology. We staffed an experiential-specific team, built a manufacturing and production facility, and chased clients with heavy event workloads. Then the event industry shifted on us.

The industry that made up 50% of our business was now in the middle of a quick, expedited evolution that forced Warehouse to evolve with it.

Adapting to change

With a significant amount of our forecasted work for the year suddenly on hold, we faced what many others faced: reevaluating our vision, considering what was sustainable, deciding what mattered most, and assessing the steps (as best we could tell) that would get us through. We considered what we could afford to lose while still holding on to who and what we were. And the impact was personal.

We subleased the original Warehouse building—the one that we grew up in and that our owners restored, renovated, and upgraded with passion over the years. We made the difficult decisions regarding staff and furloughs. And we moved our whole company remote, putting into place specific guidelines for in-office work.

We also pivoted our entire event strategy.

A new focus

In this expedited evolution, we figured the best course of evaluation was to look at three things:

  • What we know well
  • What we have access to
  • What the world (and our clients) need

Businesses were slowing, but they weren’t stopping. People were moving remote, but they were still interacting. Physical experiences were on hold, but digital ones were happening every day.

We found inspiration for the future of events (or at least the “now”) in other solutions we were seeing in the world. It led us to develop our own ideas for business opportunities that we could see with our current clients and potential clients.

On the line

We put our resources, our staff, our tech inventory, and our minds to work, crafting a virtual experience for Lenovo OEM Solutions. The goal was an effective and thorough product-and-services education for a sales team spread throughout the world. We collaborated with Lenovo to create connection and engagement, even though they couldn’t meet in person.

The whole process involved learning new platforms and equipment, and we focused on making strong visual impacts and communicating the information needed.

We tailored our virtual event ideas to the specific needs of Lenovo OEM Solutions, and when it was all said and done, this project touched almost every team at Warehouse.

We’re grateful for our internal team, that looks at a problem or situation and strives to find solutions. We’re grateful for our client partners, who are willing to try something new with us. And, honestly, we’re grateful for the challenges, as hard as they may be in the moment, because those challenges force us to get smarter, be creative, and find efficient solutions.