I am serious, and don't call me Surely.

If you’re ever hanging around the Warehouse and hear someone drop a movie line, chances are it’s our dude, Johnny Rando. It doesn’t matter the situation or topic, he’s got a knack for remembering classic movie lines and relating them to any/every conversation. Legend has it that he and his family can have entire conversations in movie quotes—haven’t seen it yet, but definitely believe it. 

So we asked Johnny to recommend a handful of these classic lines to add a little silver screen flavor to our everyday moments. Just like those actors, Johnny remembered his lines and had no trouble coming up with these gems for his W21 compadres.

By John

Whenever someone needs a refill, no matter what the beverage:

“Yo bartender, Jobu needs a refill.”

– Major League

Answering the phone when you know who it is (thank goodness for caller id):

“Talk to me, Goose.”

– Top Gun

Leaving to run a quick errand:

“If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.”

– Ace Ventura Pet Detective


When a child keeps whining that they want to do something right this moment:


– Big Daddy

When you feel like you’re being asked to do something every minute (at work or from a child):

“Poof, what do you need? Poof, what do you need? Poof, what do you need?”

– Aladdin

When you realize you didn’t make the right choice (big or small):

“I immediately regret this decision.”

– Anchorman


When someone else doesn’t make the right choice:

“He chose…poorly.”

– Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

When an outcome doesn’t go in your favor (primarily sports):

“Oh no, we suck again.”

– Waterboy

When an outcome does go in your favor (anything):


– Dude, Where’s My Car?


Trying to do timesheets from the past week (or longer) and remembering what you did:

“I wrote them down so I wouldn’t have to remember.”

– Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Going down the office basement stairwell and not sure if someone else might be coming up:

“Down ladder, make a hole.”

– The Hunt for Red October

After completing a task or cancelling a meeting:

“Click, click; Deleted.”

– Liar Liar

When a project (work or home) takes much longer than initially thought:

“Maybe it’s a 10 year plan…”

– Big Daddy

That feeling that you get if one thing goes wrong, everything will go wrong:

“If he gets up, we’ll all get up. It’ll be anarchy!”

– The Breakfast Club

When you’re not sure where someone went:

“Where’d who go?”

– Top Gun