By Dave Teubner

I sat down to write a blog post to reflect on Edge Fest 2017, and as I did, I thought about how important this music event has become to me, to the Warehouse peeps, and to the community. When I finally started writing, I could feel the pressure building inside of me to write something meaningful and profound. This pressure made me avoid writing altogether, like every other past blog attempt for me.

Then my internal voice spoke up, “Dave, you are not a profound dude and you sound like a dumbass when you try to be, so stop it.” I said to myself, “Why ya gonna be such a douche and try to write something in a voice that isn’t yours for the sake of trying to move people with inspirational intellect? That isn’t who and what you are.” Then I wondered why I feel so badly about my unpolished nature that I would try to hide it.

This conversation with myself made me realize I only have one voice in this life that is authentically Dave Teubner’s, and wondered why I would try to cover it up and make it shinier than it truly is for the sake of public consumption. The people I love in my personal life and professional life wouldn’t buy it anyway, so why try sell it to anyone else?

Then it hit me. That’s exactly what Edge Fest is! It’s a music party that accepts and celebrates everyone who wants to come hang. And it celebrates them as they are, not as their brains or the world tells them they should be. It’s a chance to let music unify us all with fewer words and more dancing and more love than most ordinary days allow. Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

So, for the sake of hearing my authentic voice, I thought I’d share with you how my day unfolded at Edge Fest, rather than write something profound.

7 a.m. – Woke up
9-2 – Set up at the event
2-3 – Showered and got ready
3-4 – Wrote speaking points for event MC
4-5 – Final event touches
5-6 – Kicked off the event
6-10 – Danced, Hugged, Drank, Listened, Loved, Chatted
10-11 – Caught the end of the Mayweather/McGregor fight in green room with bands
11-11:30 – Went home and drank a half-gallon of water and ate a full bag of cheddar sour cream Ruffles
11:30-Midnight – Slept on my couch
Midnight-2 a.m. – Got a text from new friends and went back out to hang at Eagles Nest until it closed
2:30-4:30 – Listened to music and danced in the Eagles Nest parking lot with new friends (just the three of us)
4:30-6:30 – Watched the sun come up over the West Edge from a rooftop with new friends
7:00 a.m. – Slept with a smile on my face and feeling like anything is possible, and knowing real sleep will come when I’m dead

Finding acceptance with others starts by finding it within yourself. I have plenty of work to do, but Edge Fest proved to be one of my teachers.

Dave, Owner & CEO