Aaron is always dependable for some music recommendations. The tunes thumpin’ through the open airwaves of the office on Friday afternoons are usually coming from his speakers. (“Sometimes it’s plenty loud,” he admits, “especially if I’ve had an extra one at lunch.”)

He’s the kind of person who connects music to all aspects of his life so we asked him to share a song he connects with each of the people here at Warehouse. Turns out that prompt doesn’t make for the most aesthetic playlist…but hey, we have fun.

So without further ado, here’s a wildly eclectic compilation of all kinds of songs that don’t belong together (but somehow, the people do) with a little insight from Aaron on why he picked each one.

By Aaron


“In Spite of Ourselves”
— John Prine

She’ll sing every word to you if you let her… 


“Losing My Mind”
— Iration

I play this song often, I dig it, Haleigh said she digs it one day too so…boom!


“Burn On”
— Randy Newman

I couldn’t bring myself to put “I Love L.A.” by Randy Newman on the list so I picked a better option. This is also a little nod to one of my all-time favorite movies, Major League, which I know John can appreciate.


“Just Another Day”
— Jon Secada

One time on an L&H trip, Jake got super stoked about a John Secada song while we were playing trivia one night at the Gillette Brewing Company. I didn’t know John Secada had that effect on…well, anybody… 


— The Revivalists

Dave and I made a connection over The Revivalists early on in my W21 days. I know this song has some meaning for him… 


— Stone Temple Pilots

“I grew up listening to classic rock like this…” she says one time when STP came on the radio driving to/from Gillette for an L&H trip…I didn’t let it go in 2016 and I still won’t now… 


“Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
— Old Dirty Bastard



“Dark Horse”
— Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

I’m certain that Diddy’s hearing has suffered from how hard she used to bump this jam in her headphones… 


“Up on the Ridge”
— Dierks Bentley

Kelley and Mike hooked it up with some Dierks tickets last CFD. This is a great tune. 


“Can’t You See”
— Zac Brown feat. Kid Rock

Something about Zac Brown covering the Marshall Tucker Band with Kid Rock seems like Jase to me… 


“Ain’t It Fun”
— Paramore

I admitted that I can dig some Paramore to Hayley one time over Gchat…secret’s out. 


“Yellow Bird”
— Pretty Lights

Think of this song like hold music while I wait for a song to present itself for English… 


“It Wasn’t Me”
— Shaggy

Bet you wouldn’t think that a little dude from the middle of Indiana who was on the Purdue rodeo team would be jamming Shaggy in his headphones, eh? 


“Every Other Freckle”
— Alt-J

Back when I started at W21, it was Jordan playing tunes over the open airwaves all day, everyday upstairs…this song was a mainstay. 


“Don’t Drink the Water”
— Dave Matthews Band

I really wanted to add a JT song here for Nick, but didn’t want that to get weird…so DMB it is. 


“Rich Girl”
— Hall & Oates

Everybody likes a little Hall & Oates, right? 


“Talk to the Moon”
— Ripe

This band was on a list one time for potential Edge Fest openers and I shared a video by these guys with kyopp one day… I ended up seeing them at the base in Steamboat last season and they were a great time… 


“Space Oddity”
— David Bowie

Pretty sure I’ve seen Junior wearing a David Bowie shirt…this feels right. 


“Girls Night Out”
— 98 Degrees

I had never heard this song until I looked it up for this purpose so there is no connection here, other than the fact that the 98 Degrees front man is Nick Lachey. On Newlyweds on MTV (2003-2005), Jessica Simpson bought Nick unlimited Miller Lite kegs for his birthday one year. Appropriately, Miller Lites became known as “Nick Lachey’s” (or just “Lacheys” for short) in my book. Miller Lites are my go to and I’m hopefully having one when this playlist is on. Nick Lachey is from somewhere near Cincinnati. So is Keith… 


“One Step Closer”
— Linkin Park

EP and I listened to some Linkin Park one time when we were driving the U-haul van that we rented from the creep ass house on the southside over to work a WyoLotto / UW hoops halftime event…it was the same time we had a 5-10 minute conversation to do the math to figure out how old Eric is/was…he genuinely didn’t know until we did the math…